“…Equipped with three light and one heavy weapon slots which makes him suitable for any battle situation…” – in-game description

Leo Edit

The Leo is a Heavy Robot with 3 Light and 1 heavy hardpoints.

Purchased at level 6 with 120,000 HP and a base speed of 17 mph, it is an intimidating presence on the battlefield. The Leo reaches its maximum speed of 27 mph at level 9.

Because of its ability to mount a heavy weapon and three light weapons, it is very versatile. A Leo can be configured for close combat with a loadout of an ECC Thunder or Zeus for its heavy weapon and EP Magnums, SURA-F Pinatas, or GAU Punishers for the light hardpoints.

Suggestions for long-range combat are the KwK 448mm or ETC Kang-Dae for its heavy weapon, or three AC Molots can do a great deal of damage from moderate range. Some Leos are armed exclusively with energy weapons: the E-Ww Trebuchet for its heavy weapon and three GEKKO XXs, as this can be a deadly combination due to the precision and damage of energy weapons.  

Trivia Edit

  • Leo means lion in some language
  • Leo is the only German heavy robot.

Upgrades Edit

Level Cost Health Speed Time
6 1,700k Ag 120,000 17 -
7 1,000k 131,000 21 1 day 6 hours
8 2,000k 144,000 21 1 day 18 hours
9 2,500k 157,000 27 2 days 8 hours
10 3,500k 172,000 27 2 days 16 hours
11 7,000k 188,000 27 3 days 6 hours
12 10,000k 206,000 27 3 days 18 hours